Dirty dishes in the dishwasher? If dishes won't come clean in your dishwasher, the problem could be a clogged chopper assembly, which can restrict water flow.

Dishwasher won't start? Lights don't go on? The problem could simply be a blown thermal fuse inside the control panel. You can purchase a new fuse and fix the dishwasher yourself.

Freezer: If your freezer has stopped freezing and/or your refrigerator has stopped cooling and only works after it is unplugged, then plugged back in (rebooted), then your problem may be a faulty thermal fuse, or thermistor. Here's how to check -- and replace it, if needed -- as well as the defrost sensor.

Repair a toaster? Is it worth it? Find out what it takes in this two-part, instructional video.

Oven glass: Are ugly food spills staining the glass inside your oven door? Easily take apart your oven door and clean the glass inside and out!

Refrigerator: If your refrigerator has stopped cooling and/or your freezer has stopped freezing and only works after it is unplugged, then plugged back in (rebooted), then your problem may be a faulty thermal fuse, or thermistor. Here's how to check -- and replace it, if needed.

Refrigerator/freezer won’t cool? If you have a Samsung, the problem could be your compressor start relay, which is integrated into the motherboard. Here’s how to replace the motherboard.


Noisy bathroom fan? Chances are you don't need to replace the entire unit -- simply the fan or blower wheel. Here's how.



Jammed tray in your DVD or CD player? You might be able to fix it using the "Star Wars" technique!

DVD or CD player won't open? Before shelling out money for a new one, try this simple repair for less than a couple of bucks!



Demystifying the dehumidifier: It's really just a simple machine once you get to know it! Understanding how it works can help you troubleshoot.

Demystifying the dehumidifier Part 2: Here's how to easily take yours apart for cleaning, maintenance or repairs.

Demystifying the dehumidifier Part 3: If your dehumidifier ices up or freezes up, here's why and what you can do about it!



Electric stove heating unit: Have the "flames" gone out in your freestanding electric stove heating unit? Easily restore them with a pair of light bulbs and a screwdriver.

Geothermal heating: The condensate drain tube in your geothermal furnace/heating unit (a geothermal unit is sometimes referred to as a groundwater heat pump) should be cleared of debris annually. Here's what to do and what could happen if you don't.



Replace the plug: Don't throw that lamp or light-duty appliance away just because there's a short in the electrical plug. For a few dollars, you can replace the plug yourself.



Ready to "cut the cord?" Make this powerful, digital TV antenna and watch TV for free! Complete, detailed step-by-step instructions.

Set up your TV antenna! Here's how to set up your do-it-yourself digital TV antenna -- or most any TV antenna -- and how to configure your TV to receive antenna signals.



Vacuum attachment stuck? Avoid buying a new vacuum by freeing the latch on the attachment with a flat-blade screwdriver.