Recipes and Cooking



Old-World cheesecake: Make Aunt Helen's old-fashioned, Old World, real-food Cheesecake!



Strawberries: If you hull them on the vine like the pros, you'll save lots of time in the kitchen -- especially if you plan to make jam or freeze them for smoothies. Learn this technique.



Disappearing granola: Watch how fast homemade Granola disappears!



Charcoal chimney starter, Part 1: Start your charcoal for outdoor cooking quickly -- even in the dead of winter -- with this charcoal chimney starter.

Charcoal chimney starter, Part 2: Here's how it works and how to use it.

Fix your grill's igniter. If the igniter or electronic ignition on your grill isn't working, chances are you do NOT need a new igniter or a new grill. Here's a simple fix that's frequently not mentioned in the owner's manual.

Protect your grill from rust. Tired of discarding your rusty outdoor gas grills after only a couple of years? Guard against rust and protect your investment with this simple procedure.



Cleaning the oven door glass: Are ugly food spills staining the glass inside your oven door? Easily take apart your oven door and clean the glass inside and out!