Tools and Hardware



Snowblower: Change the oil in your snowblower (4-cycle engines). It's less complicated than it looks, but you may need to use a little ingenuity.

Splitting wood: Skip the ax! Harness the power and majesty of a hydraulic cylinder. Be sure to follow these safety tips.

Lawnmower tuneup: Give your lawnmower a complete tuneup. You'll save yourself money and help keep your lawn and mower healthy!

  • Part 1: Make sure your lawnmower blade stays sharp. A dull blade will tear the grass and leave it exposed to disease.
  • Part 2: If your lawnmower has a four-cycle engine, you'll need to change the oil regularly. If you don't, you could end up changing your lawnmower regularly!
  • Part 3: Changing the air filter will help keep your mower operating at peak efficiency. It's good for the engine and good for the environment.
  • Part 4: Don't forget to lubricate your mower's moving parts. It's a simple but often overlooked task.
  • Part 5: Change the spark plug on your lawnmower in seconds using a spark plug socket wrench and a spark plug gap gauge.

Light bulb extension pole: Are your light bulbs or spotlights too high to reach? Forget the ladder. Simply use this special extension pole available at home centers and hardware stores. And a little duct tape, petroleum jelly and a spot of solder can make the job easier. Find out why.