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Cleaning and Deodorizing ▼

  • Cleaners: It doesn't need to "smell clean" to be clean. Make your own inexpensive household cleaners -- stain remover, heavy-duty glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and heavy-duty glass and appliance cleaner.
  • Holiday trash: Try these tips to minimize holiday trash -- from wrapping paper to food waste.
  • Odors: For get chemically laden scents and air fresheners. Eliminate pesky household odors quickly with a whole-house fan or an ionization air purifier.
  • Spring cleaning: Performing household tasks regularly will lighten your spring cleaning load.

Doors ▼

Emergencies ▼

  • Emergency kit: Are you prepared for a natural disaster or other emergency? Would you be prepared to evacuate your home in 30 minutes? What would you take? Assemble your own 72-hour emergency kit for yourself and the family. Here's what the Red Cross, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security recommend.
  • Fire extinguisher: Learn how and when to use a fire extinguisher. When smoke and flame surrounds you is not the time to learn.
  • Smoke detector: What to do about a smoke detector that persistently sends out false alarms.

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Light Bulbs ▼

Organization ▼

Pets ▼

  • Cats: The yard can attract all kinds of critters, including wild cats. Here's how we tamed a cat called Penelope.

Saving Energy ▼

  • Carbon footprint. So you think you're doing a good job of helping save the planet. What's your carbon footprint? Find out using these online calculators.
  • Energy efficiency: How energy efficient is your home? Here's a simple formula that can help tell you.
  • Winterizing: Winterize your home and save on your energy bills.

Saving Money ▼

Vehicles ▼

  • When a car becomes a home: Long commutes to and from work? Outfit your vehicle for comfort and safety.

Windows ▼

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