Yard and Garden

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Yard and Garden

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Compost ▼

  • How to compost: Reduce your trash bill and help the environment by composting food waste. It doesn't have to be complicated.

Critters ▼

Driveways and Sidewalks ▼

Fall ▼

Garden ▼

Grilling ▼

  • Canning on your outdoor grill. Learn how to do your canning on your outdoor grill and save on your electric bill.
  • Cleaning the grill: Don't throw that grimy grill away! Here's how to clean it from top to bottom!
  • Grill won't light? One possible source of the problem could be the regulator, which controls the flow of gas from the LP tank to the burners.
  • Salsa on the grill: Make delicious, homemade salsa on your outdoor grill.
  • Shrimp tortellini: Make this delicious shrimp tortellini with grilled vegetables.
  • Storing the grill: Should you store your grill for winter? Some use it year-round. But if you do store it, here's how to help keep it protected.
  • Tenderloin dinner: Cook this complete, quality tenderloin meal -- including potatoes, corn on the cob (and toss in a salad) -- in under half an hour on your grill!

Insects, Bees and Wasps ▼

  • Avoiding insects: Bugs driving you buggy? Try "twilight speed gardening," a fast way to work in the garden and avoid bald-faced hornets and other insects.
  • Japanese beetles: Geraniums may be the key to eliminating these pests.
  • More on Japanese beetles: Nematodes are microscopic, parasitic worms that travel deep into the soil, killing Japanese beetles and other harmful grubs. Here's how to get them into the ground and put them to work.
  • Mosquitoes: How to keep the mosquitoes away from you -- and your yard and garden.
  • Paper wasps: Here's how NOT to get rid of them.
  • More on paper wasps: Here is how you CAN get rid of them.
  • Even more on paper wasps: Fake nests can confuse wasps and send them packing.
  • Spiders: The marbled orb weaver is the master of home improvement, repairing its home daily and rebuilding it several times a year. The colorful, intriguing spider eats wasps and other insect pests.

Lawn Care ▼

Outdoor Furniture ▼

Spring ▼

  • Stormy weather: Sometimes it takes the pressure of an impending event -- like a storm -- to get spring chores done quickly. I call it the "Chicken Little" syndrome.

Trees ▼

Winter ▼

Yard Sale/Garage Sale ▼