Bathroom FanNoisy bathroom fan? Chances are you don't need to replace the entire unit. The blower wheel, or fan, may be loose on its axle. Here's how to replace the blower wheel.



Dehumidifier WorksDemystifying the dehumidifier:  It's really just a simple machine once you get to know it! Understanding how it works can help you troubleshoot and identify problems.


Dehumidifier CleaningDemystifying the dehumidifier Part 2: Here's how to easily take yours apart for cleaning, maintenance or repairs. All you'll need are some basic tools -- like a screwdriver.


Dehumidifier IcingDemystifying the dehumidifier Part 3: If your dehumidifier ices up or freezes up, here's why and what you can do about it! You should have your dehumidifier running again in no time.



Doorknob HoleDrilling a doorknob hole: If your doorknob hole is too small to accommodate the newer "standard size" doorknobs, here's how to drill a larger hole in your door. 


Doorknob ReplacementChanging a doorknob: For the most part, replacing a doorknob is an easy do-it-yourself project that shouldn't take long. Grab your screwdrivers and install a new one in no time!


Pella SliderPella Sliding Patio Door Screen: Do you find the written instructions a bit confusing? See step by step how to easily install your Pella sliding door screen (Rolscreen).


Pella LatchPella Sliding Patio Door Screen Latch: Sooner or later, this little $50 plastic latch on your Pella sliding door screen will break. Make this replacement yourself from a mirror clip.


Weatherstripping: Whether you have a newer door or an older one, here are complete, detailed instructions on how to install weatherstripping to keep chilly breezes out.



Electric HeaterElectric stove heating unit: Have the "flames" gone out in your freestanding electric stove heating unit? Easily restore them with a pair of light bulbs and a screwdriver.



Portable HumidifierPortable humidifier: If your humidifier suddenly quits spewing out moist air, the water intake tube may be blocked. Here's how to clear it using a drill.



Outdoor SpotlightOut-of-reach light bulbs: Use this special extension pole available at home centers and hardware stores. Duct tape, petroleum jelly and a spot of solder can make the job easier.



Mixing small batches of mortar: Mix a small batch of mortar, thinset or grout by  attaching an old kitchen beater to a variable speed drill!Save the cost of a larger paddle mixer. And see how easy cleanup is!



Electronic KeyboardElectronic keyboard: It's likely not making contact with the circuitry -- a result of dust buildup. Here's how to open the case and perform a simple cleaning that will fix the problem.


TV AntennaReady to "cut the cord?" Make this powerful, digital TV antenna and watch TV for free! Here are complete, detailed step-by-step instructions, right down to what size screws you need.


Connect TV AntennaSet up your TV antenna!  Here's how to set up your do-it-yourself digital TV antenna -- or most any TV antenna -- and how to configure your TV to receive antenna signals.



Star Wars Trash Can"Star Wars" fans! This trash can looks like the famous droid of "Star Wars" fame and even talks like it when the lid pops open! This two-part video shows how to make your own R2D2 trash can that sounds like R2D2! Download the materials list and template for the markings.


Vacuum CleanerVacuum attachment stuck? You don't need to buy a new vacuum cleaner or a new hose. Easily free the latch on the broken attachment with a flat-blade screwdriver.